Monday, January 31, 2011

The Importance of Being Foolish -- Public Performances as Low-Cost Therapy

I mean this with no disrespect to the performers involved:  Being foolish in public is a public service.  Last week I went to the Parlour, a bar in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood.  Part of the entertainment was performances by two women, Rocco Granite and Saucy Cocteau (top and bottom photos, respectively).  Rocco's performance was in the vein of drag, with over-the-top emotion.  Ms. Cocteau's was a combination exercise video/strip-tease.  In every case, I knew I was witnessing something special.

Part of the beauty of communal life is the catharsis of the ridiculous.  Unlike watching comedy privately, you are invited to share in being foolish as well.  What a relief!  For this, I thank Rocco Granite, Saucy Cocteau, their fellow performers and the bars and nightclubs that host them.

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