Friday, October 15, 2010

Squeeze Trigger for Pressure -- Have a Sexually Supportive Bedroom Environment

Bedrooms are, or should be, used for a fairly narrow range of activities, such as sleeping or recuperating from illness. An activity, seemingly unacknowledged in design discussions, is sex. While this may be embarrassing for clients, an architect, like a doctor, must make discussing these things comfortable when planning a home.

So, what should we not have in bedrooms? Televisions, computers, and other things that may detract our attention from the tasks at hand, so to speak, should not be in the bedroom. An alarming trend in American b
edroom design is to make it ever larger and more inclusive: The "master suite" is now so large and complex that it can be used to run a medium-sized business.

What should we have? I think it is fun to have some sort of visual "encouragement" in the bedroom. I like the sign (see upper photo) that must have been some sort of filling station (or ice cream parlor?) direction, "squeeze trigger for pressure". I also like a set of hand-painted wood signs I found at the curb in New York, "amateur", "all male", and "bondage" (lower photo). Given their color, they must have been painted in the mid 1980s. These must have described the films found at an adult bookstore, which were under attack during the Giuliani administration. You can rearrange them as you wish!

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  1. I could not agree moooooore! As an architect I know the amount of un-sexy stuff want to have in their bedrooms (and do not get me going about flowery mood-killing "decoration"....!).
    Good job!